restoflex flexible leg sling restoflex flexible leg sling 

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rebound flexible leg sling               Flexible Leg Sling

New technology designed to improve patient outcome; the rest-O-flex TM flexible leg sling allows you to relax your leg muscles (hip flexors and hamstring muscles) while crutches or similar ambulatory aids are in use. Holding your leg up while trying to walk on crutches can not only be exhausting, it may cause back pain as a result of muscle strain and alignment issues. Being able to rest your injured foot may ease leg discomfort and reduces muscle strain.

Rest-0-Flex TM employs the revolutionary Poly-Flexx TM Flexible Band Technology which allows flexing at the knee while walking and/or standing. Exercising your leg against rest-O-flex's tension bands may; aid in blood flow, reduce muscle atrophy, and help you rebound from your injury.

A quick release trigger latch allows for easy detachment from the ankle strap or boot clip for activities such as driving, using stairs, extended sitting etc. rest-O-flex's patented cinch clip allows adjustment of the Poly-Flexx TM tension bands for a customized fit.

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Flexible Leg Sling



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 Flexible Leg Sling 



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